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Hello there and Happy Monday! I'll admit, this week I didn't have time to take any new pictures so this week so I'll share some flicks with you from a recent trip to the Storm King Art Center:

I also visited the Vizcaya Museum & Garden in Miami and while it was it was absolutely stunning, but I'm over it, visually. I'm not sure if I'm all sculpture garden'd out but I'm done with taking pictures in those type of settings for now. Instead I'll dump some of the Miami pictures here so I can clear my palette of it because my mind is in revenge drama mode.

Photo dump complete!


We're 3 days out from the big day!!! The Silent Willow will be screened in person at the Cinepolis Chelsea on Thursday November 11th @ 1:15p & followed with an intimate Q&A. Get your tickets here and if you can't make it, TSW will be available for viewing online (in US & US Territories) from 11/10 to 11/18. Hope you can support! <3


As we all know, the road to success is not identical for everyone. What works for one person may not fly for another and that my friend, is totally normal. I think the best strategy for anyone trying to chase a (creative) career is to find people that you find inspiring within the field and try to take little nuggets from each person. You can then compile said nuggets to make a plan that aligns with your career goals. Keep in mind that making a plan doesn't mean that the path to execution will always will be linear. Sometimes life happens and you'll be forced to pivot but you don't want to lose sight of the finish line.

The journey is easier when you let close family members and friends in on the goals. That doesn't mean you should go around announcing your dreams to everyone who will listen but it's helpful to let a few people in, especially for accountability. You'll need a solid support system that is not only encouraging but understanding of the potential life shifts that will happen while you chase your dreams.

I've intentionally cut back on my frivolous spending this year for the sake of entering the film world full time. I used to get my lashes done, treat myself to random house items every two weeks and shell out dollars on brunching and delicious restaurants. Ugh! What a waste of dinero even though I enjoyed spending time with loved ones. However, if I could go back in time a bit I would have definitely been a little more conservative with my spending but the past is the past and we're still moving forward.

Speaking of the future, I'm excited to work with new people on various projects in the new year. I'm also happy to be building a stronger portfolio in my leisure with the Revenge music video at the top of the to do list. The more I talk through these ideas with myself and those I trust dearly, the more I realize that what I'm trying to do with this music video stuff isn't really a typical music video. I'd like to say (in a French accent) that I'm creating visuals inspired by music. I know that sounds odd but what I plan to do has no involvement with an actual person lipsinging their lyrics. Instead it's an extension of the lyrics ;)


Last week I watched Atonement starring James McAvoy, Keira Knightley and Juno Temple & I was so inspired by the way each scene was lit and the color palettes. Here's a video I found on YouTube so you can see clips of the cinematography for yourself. If you're concerned with out of context spoilers, just watch it on mute. :)

The tub scene with McAvoy's character helped me so much with revising what I want my bathroom tub scene to look like in my Revenge video. Another honorable mention was the one take shot of the soldiers in barracks. (chef's kiss). This beautiful film is available on Amazon Prime so please please please watch it if you want to be blown away with the art of cinematog.


I have to mention the importance of talking through your ideas with those you trust for a different perspective. The lyrics in Revenge don't go into any specific details about how her lover betrayed so the possiblities are endless when it comes to defining the betrayal in the actual film.

What does betrayal look like today from the eyes of a young woman in love? It can't just be that her boyfriend cheated on her. That's pretty lame and downright boring! What if there was something else? What if he clean out her bank account and left to start a new life with someone else? What if he wasn't who he claimed to be? What if her lover was actually a drug lord who changed his appearance and got her caught up in some real trouble?

I might be getting ahead of myself but that's how you have to think about creating storylines whether it's long or short form. If we bring it back to cheating to simplify things, then maybe the person he cheated on her with is someone close to her to make the revenge worthwhile.

Hmm, stay tuned.

Typed with love,



'Is This Love' by Allen Stone - #BringCoversBack

This man's voice is soothing to the soul just as much as this Bob Marley classic is to the world. I love covers that are done right with a sprinkle of their own style on the track.

Allen Stone absolutely bodied it so enjoy!

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